Story Idea – for students to write

A group of teenagers a group of teenagers find themselves stuck together in a situation where they must avoid and escape from a deranged killer or something. Each of the kids falls into one of the architect –  Super smart kid, super athlete, super popular kid, super slacker, etc.  Who lives, who dies, who figures everything out?

Have *students* write the story, using a loose framework of the setup and a list of character options from which they must choose at least 4.


She looks at me with faith and trust

Even though I’m not worthy of either

Looks at me at if I might know the answers

Even though I just have more questions

Never doubts my sincerity

Although I’m not even true to myself

Cyrch A Chwta

Why would she ever want me?

It is a real mystery.

I try but I cannot see

How this is reality.

Maybe it’s just fantasy,

And I need some therapy –

I’m just not that kind of guy

Even though I’d like to be.


NaPoWriMo 2018 – Day 6

Fair Warning

You need to get away from me – NOW!
Don’t delay, don’t ask why, don’t hesitate – GO!
As away from me as you can get – MOVE IT!
Out of eyesight, out of hearing, out of mind – SPLIT!
I’m begging you to go, to run away if you must – HURRY!
If you don’t go now – FAIR WARNING!
I’m going to try to kiss you – HELP!


NapoWrimo 2018 – Day 5


are used to set off
non-essential information
such as birth- and death-dates
extra factoids no one really cares about
and interesting tidbits that can be ignored

and yet parentheses always work in pairs
one parenthesis needs another parenthesis
in order to function properly
with only one, nothing happens

so it is fair to say that (
needs )

NaPoWriMo 2018 – Day 4

Alphabet Poem

All I’ve ever asked from anyone is that they
Be the best person they could be.
Certainly I hope for the best –
Despite their protestations,
Excellence is something that should be expected.
Failure is simply not an option.
Getting ahead in today’s world
Has less to do with
Intelligence and more to do with integrity.
Just be the sort of person who can be counted on.
Knowing you will be there for me
Leaves me feeling secure in
My trust, feeling as if all will be well.
Nothing needs to be made difficult, but
Only things worth having are worth working for.
Perhaps it is more sensible to say that
Questioning authority is the
Right thing to do, whereas
Shutting down and refusing
To try defeats both of our purposes.
Ultimately, we both want the same thing –
Valid purposes for what we are doing.
We want to know that our efforts are valued.
X-raying our souls to see what lies within
Yields an optimal result – show me your
Zealous support and admiration.

[NOTE: I don’t love this yet, but I’ll work on it. It felt a little loose coming out of my head, and I know it needs to be tightened up.]

NapoWriMo 2018 – Day 3


Everything in life is go go go!
Faster faster faster!
More more more!
Now now now!

Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to just STOP?

Stop working. Stop worrying. Stop thinking all the time.
Stop fretting. Stop fuming. Stop feeling like you can’t catch up.
Stop being bothered. Stop bothering others.
Stop starting new things that will make you

Go Go Go!
Faster Faster Faster!
More More More!
Now Now Now!

Just stop, man.
Those roses ain’t gonna smell themselves.


(from a Poetic Asides prompt: