A student asked me, “Are you content?”
“More than content!” I assured her.
“I’m happier than I have any right to be.
I have a loving wife, incredible kids,
A happy home, a job I love.
I’m as happy as I could possibly be.”

“But wouldn’t you like to change things?”
I shook my head. “I’m happy with who I am,
With what I’ve done, with what I’ve got.
Any change I might go back in time and make
Threatens to undo everything I know.

I can look back and see stupid mistakes I made,
Things I did wrong, thought wrong, said wrong,
But all of that was me becoming me,
Learning the lessons I would need to know
To become the best me I can be.”


NaPoWriMo – Day 30



For whatever wrong has been done you,
Find a way to forgive.
Whether a malicious deed or a hurtful word,
Find a way to forgive.
Even if the person who hurt you is remorseless,
Find a way to forgive.
Even if you suffered greatly,
You must find a way.

The path to inner destruction
Is to consume yourself with hate.
Thoughts of revenge and comeuppance
Only hurt you, not them.
Find a way to forgive, and then do so.
Release your anger, your righteous wrath.
Erase the problem from your consciousness,
And rediscover the peace within.


NaPoWriMo – Day 29