Pray for Me

I know that I do religion wrong,
I’ve been told that for years
By people who have a real
One-on-one relationship with God.
And so it’s gotten to the point
Where I seek my answers within
And hope that God will set me right
Whenever I am wrong.

And what God has said to me
Is that most of our prayer offends him.
People spend so much time asking for things
That he has no intention of granting.
They ask for money or health or strength
Without realizing God has given those things
To the degree within his will.

“My grandfather is dying.  God save him!”
No, I decide when is his time. Not you.
Why do you think your heartfelt appeal
Will sway the will of God? Who are you?

To me, a man who does religion wrong,
I believe prayer should be a celebration
Of all the wonders God has done in my life
And a general request for understanding.
I don’t need to understand God’s motives,
But I’d like to know what I should do.
And my only request besides guidance
Is this, which covers everything:
Thy Will Be Done.


NaPoWriMo – Day 28


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