50 Things

Certainly by the age of fifty, which I am today,
I should have learned fifty lessons, and so I will say…

  1. Respect your parents, who know more than you think.
  2. Take a bath daily, or else you will stink.
  3. Keep your mouth shut, never reveal too much.
  4. At fancy stores, you can look but don’t touch.
  5. It never hurts to be nice, go ahead and smile.
  6. Sometimes it’s good to be alone for a while.
  7. Question authority, but follow the rules.
  8. Celebrate the geniuses, but tolerate the fools.
  9. Whenever you can, be generous to a fault.
  10. Lock your fears in your heart, like a steel vault.
  11. Never use other people, and never be used.
  12. Never let yourself be in any way abused.
  13. You can always recover a fumble at the end of the game.
  14. When people are nice to you, treat them the same.
  15. Read as many books as possible, open your mind.
  16. Sometimes you’re going to need a kick in the behind.
  17. Second chances? Give them. Third chances, don’t.
  18. Friends will either be there for you, or they won’t.
  19. Tell your children every day how much you treasure them.
  20. For some folk, everything you say will displeasure them.
  21. Find your special talent, something you can hone.
  22. Your best friend really shouldn’t be your telephone.
  23. In class, you should always take notes of what is said.
  24. Tropical fish in a bowl should not be overfed.
  25. Listen to what you’re told, but think for yourself.
  26. Dispose of expired goods on your refrigerator shelf.
  27. Find one person to serve as your Secret Keeper.
  28. Shop around, you can usually find things cheaper.
  29. Spend an hour in contemplation (some folks call it prayer).
  30. Sometimes it’s amusing if you poke the bear.
  31. People are going to let you down; adjust your expectation.
  32. Be a genuine person, don’t assume some affectation.
  33. When you’re sleepy. go to bed. When you’re hungry, eat.
  34. As Lieutenant Dan told Forrest, don’t neglect your feet.
  35. Accept people in your life who who they really are.
  36. It never hurts to dream; go and wish upon a star.
  37. Get your oil changed, check your tires, take care of your truck.
  38. Sometimes in life you have to just say What the Heck.
  39. Don’t be afraid to ask people questions.
  40. Don’t be afraid to ignore their suggestions.
  41. Find something that you love and do it every day.
  42. Make time to put away your work and take some time to play.
  43. Go into the world, don’t sit alone at home.
  44. When you’re really feeling bad, write yourself a poem.
  45. Ask your grandparents to tell you stories of their youth.
  46. As much as you possibly can, try to tell the truth.
  47. Sometimes the only way to help someone is to hurt them just a little.
  48. Know some knock-knock jokes by heart, know a clever riddle.
  49. Learn to read the signs so you know when it’s time to go.
  50. Always remember that we only think we know what we know.

That’s fifty things I’ve learned in life, now I’ve shared with you.
So tell me Happy Birthday, and teach me something new.


NaPoWriMo – Day 22


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