Look, my minions, at my awesome strength!
The power in my hands to tear the world apart,
The raw energy equal to ten suns coursing through me,
The blood of the ancient gods raging through my heart!

Listen, ye underlings, to my sage advice!
The wisdom that turned Solomon into a doddering fool,
The answers to questions that befuddle the gods
The pithy wit that sent Confucius back to school!

Regard, thou knaves, the might, and the wit,
and all the responsibilities that accompany these boons
Cast instead into lackluster pedantry, and me –
Virtually powerless most mornings and afternoons.

I hear your cry, from afar and from anear,
Why?! What steals your incredible power from you?
And I am forced to answer, my head hung low,
That the monkeys are running the zoo.

What is the worth of strength that may not be used?
What is the value of wisdom unheeded?
It matters not what incredible talents I have
If the world has shown me, I’m not needed.


NaPoWriMo – Day 20


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