The Betterment of You

The Betterment of You
(Or, What Have You Done for Me?)

Instead of grading essays, there are things that I could do.
And this is my way of saying, I’m doing it for you.

I could take my children out to play
(They ask me almost every day –
Daddy, would it be too much trouble
To take us out and blow us bubbles.

Sorry, kids, is what I say,
but Papa has to work today.)

I could write a poem or read a book;
I could clean the house or maybe cook
(Everyone is tired of McFood and Swill
Even pizza has lost its thrill.
My wife can tell you recipes I’ve made
But Sorry, babe, I’ve got to grade.)

I could play a game or call my son,
Go out in the world and have some fun,
Watch a movie or hit the bars,
Sit on the beach and dream of the stars,
Get a sitter and take the wife on a cruise –
But no, not me. I’m singing the Blues.

I could tend my garden, plant a flower,
or go to bed at a decent hour.
Instead I’m grading by TV-light
Until all hours of the night,
Marking errors and making notes,
Advising plagiarists to cite their quotes.

I have to grade these essays, have to get them done,
Even if I stay awake and see the rising sun.
Cuz maybe something I say, some glib piece of advice
Might make a major difference, and that’s worth my sacrifice.
So despite the fact there’s so much I want to do
I’m giving of my time and self for the betterment of You.


NaPoWriMo – Day 19


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