Nighttime Rituals

Every night we say good-nights
Right after mommy  dims the lights

“Ni-ni, NeeNee,” says the boy, who cannot say his T’s
“Ni-ni Corri, Ni-ni Chelle.” He says their names with ease.

“Ni-ni Sissy,” said so sweet
you want to give the boy a treat.

“Ni-ni Mommy, I love you.
Ni-ni Daddy, love you too.”

And then you’d think he would be done
But that is just the start of fun.

To his teachers, every one, he wishes them Ni-ni,
And then his favorite TV shows and all his toys, bye-bye

This is our nighttime rituals to ease the boy to sleep
and this is one of those memories I’ll always want to keep.


NaPoWriMo – Day 15


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