I’m here, honey, and I’m okay.
Better than okay, actually.
I’m here again with the man that I love,
Feeling no pain and getting used to Eternity.
You’ll see it someday – but no time soon –
and we will marvel at the splendor all around us.

I wish I could tell you what this is like,
Describe it in a way you could understand,
But it’s less about the way it looks,
And more about the way all of this feels.
It’s like being held in the softest, warmest embrace,
Knowing no fear or doubt or pain,
Just the surest sense of security possible.

And I’m here with dad, and everything is right.
Some people say I lived in his shadow,
But I was the spark that helped him shine.
My love gave him purpose and vitality,
And he says he’s waited for me all this time,
Watching us every single day. And I believe him.
And now we are together, watching over you.

Punkie, I cannot thank you enough for what you did
As I wasted away those last few months.
You sat with me, and sang with me, and prayed with me;
You held my hand and kept me from being afraid
As I took this last journey into Forever.
You were my strength, just as I was yours all those years.
I love you so much, sweetheart. I am so proud of you.

Your brother thinks he is just writing his Daily Poem,
but doing so he opened up a communication line
and allowed my thoughts to guide his fingers.
So I want you to know, sweet Cyndi,
That you were the best daughter I could have hoped for
and the best friend I ever had.


NaPoWriMo – Day 11

[We read selections from Spoon River Anthology today, and I asked students to write a poem back from beyond the grave. When I started to type, this is what came out. Was it mom? There’s no way to know … but dad is telling me he’d also like to write a poem.]



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