My Advice to College Writers

My Advice to College Writers

[When my students finish an essay, they feel broken.
They put in so much time and energy,
Type and revise and perfect over and over again,
And then gripe and complain in irritation
About the mean teacher who shows them where they need to improve
And who obviously hates them. This poem is for them:]

When you finish your essay, you should feel invincible.
You should pump your fist in triumph,
Beat your chest to display your apelike ferocity,
And shout Hosanna to the Highest in gratitude
And adulation to the otherworldly spirit
Who granted you these powers of communication.

When you submit your essay, you should feel confident.
You should thrust it into your teacher’s hands,
Look defiant and daring and brave,
And declare that your essay might just nee
To be submitted to the Campus President
As an example of what all essays should strive to be.

And when you get your essay back, you should be grateful.
You should read the comments your teacher made,
Review your essay to see how those suggestions would help,
And send the teacher an email telling him or her
That you appreciate the time and effort they put forth
To helping you become even more invincible next time.


[NaPoWriMo – Day 9]

[Not one of my better efforts, but NaPoWriMo is about writing a poem every day, not about  writing a good poem every day … or any day, for that matter.]


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