Why I Lose Friends

Why I Lose Friends

What I have noticed throughout my life
Is I have a hard time keeping my friends.
I just start to feel close to somebody
And suddenly the friendship ends.

I think I’ve found someone to confide in
and someone who’ll confide in me,
Then all of a sudden they’re nowhere around
And I’m alone again, inevitably.

The problem is I can’t hold my tongue,
I say whatever’s in my head.
I can’t keep my opinions to myself
So things I never should say are soon said.

And the thing that I’ve learned about people
Is they never forget what you say.
They may claim that they truly forgive you,
But things never are really okay.

And then comes the moment I need them,
I just need to confide in a friend,
And they’re conveniently unavailable
Because somehow I’ve managed to offend.

Is solitude the only solution?
Or should I take a vow not to speak?
I would like to form a firm friendship
But I believe my prospects are weak.

There just aren’t enough people around me
Who can appreciate the way my mind works
And if I did find someone just like me
We’d probably agree, we’re both jerks.


NaPoWriMo – Day 7


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