In Mockery of Emily Dickinson

Rough Draft Poet

I am going to write almost two thousand poems
And then – hide them all – away
In my desk Drawers and beneath – the Blotter,
Then tell my Family to burn them – when I die.

I’m not going to – revise any of them,
I’ll just write them and then forget them.
I know the Ideas are good, but the truth is
That – I am not very good – at Form.

I think I can rhyme “away” with “die”
And “them” with “form” – you see?
Isn’t that how Rhyme works?
I wish I’d had someone to teach me.

But I’ve been closed up in my room – for years,
Teaching myself the Rules – for using Dashes
And when – to capitalize Words –
Nothing they can teach – in classes.


NaPoWriMo 2017 – Day 06

[NOTE: Emily Dickinson wrote 1800 poems and stuck them in her desk, hoping they would never be seen. She published like a dozen – less, even. But her family did not destroy them, as directed, and so now we all have this idea she is a great poet for some reason. Yeah, she has some interesting ideas, but she was just throwing them down on paper and then putting the paper away. In short, what we have and apparently adore is a collection of unrevised rough drafts. Someone explain why?]


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