April, as many of you know, is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), which has also been called Global Poetry Writing  Month (GloPoWriMo). This year, I decided to have my students take part in this exercise, for I believe it is truly beneficial. As such, I too will be participating.

Why is it beneficial? Poetry opens the soul, but it also gives us control over the things that irritate/bother/infuriate us. Those of us who are writers know this: If something has gotten too big for our heads/hearts, we reach for a pen and pencil or a keyboard so we can get it all out on paper. Once it’s out of us, we can manage it; while it is still inside us, it manages us. Think about it. (Heck, write a poem about it.)

Also, poetry is the foundation of all good writing. I don’t mean the commas and pronoun antecedence; I mean the manipulation of language to achieve our desires. (How do you like them apples?). And – as with everything else in life – the only way to get better is to practice.

And that’s all this is: It’s just practice writing. But if I stumble across a good idea along the way, I might choose to revise the poem and step up it’s game, thereby perhaps creating something publishable. Enough of those might make a book, and who knows what happens next.

I provided students with 30 Poetry Prompts of my own devising, so they will have something they can write about every single day of the month. Here they are, if you’d like to see them:

Some Topics for Poems

Use these as we write a poem every day in April to celebrate National Poetry Month. Or write about whatever is on your mind and important to you. Feel free to reuse topics on different days – sometimes an idea just seems to open up as it sits in your head. It doesn’t matter what you write – just write!

  1. Write a poem in which you INTRODUCE YOURSELF
  2. Write a THANK YOU poem
  3. Write about the BEST DAY EVER (or the worst)
  4. Write about a FIRST KISS (or a last kiss)
  5. Write a poem to SOMEONE YOU MISS
  6. Write a HATE poem
  7. Write a poem to a CELEBRITY
  8. Write about something you FEAR
  9. Write a poem about your GOALS
  10. Write a poem about a SPECIAL PLACE
  11. Write a poem about something you WORRY about
  12. Write a poem about a TREASURE
  13. Write a poem that is really a DIALOGUE
  14. Write a poem giving ADVICE TO A 10-YEAR OLD
  15. Write a poem in PRAISE OF YOUR SCHOOL
  16. Write a poem about BEING ALONE
  17. Write a poem to you FROM YOUR PET
  18. Write a poem comparing your LIFE to a GAME
  19. Write a poem to your FUTURE SELF expressing your hopes
  20. Write a poem about DIFFERENCES
  21. Write a poem of PRAYER
  22. Write a poem about something you BELIEVE
  23. Write a poem about the WEATHER
  24. Write a poem about WRITING A POEM
  25. Write about your FAVORITE PASTIME
  26. Write a poem about your PERSONAL MOTTO
  27. Write a poem that TEACHES A LESSON
  28. Write a poem about REFUSING something
  29. Write a poem about a CHILDHOOD MEMORY
  30. Write a GOOD-BYE poem

Finally, if you are interested in writing, then I am interested in reading. Share with me a link to your blog, or post your poems to Facebook and tag me so I see it. The least we can do for one another is Like the entry; we can save the constructive feedback for some other time, yeah?


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