Paper Clip’s Lament

I did my job
Just as you asked
Held things together
Made sure things stayed put
Didn’t break loose
Or get bent out of shape

I did my job
I was everything you wanted
Everything you needed
I was there for you
Exactly the way you’d hoped
Just holding on

I did my job
But what thanks did I get?
An award? A certificate?
Cash bonus? Shares?
I didn’t even get a simple thank you.
Quite the opposite.

I did my job
And you set me aside
You tossed me away
You cast me aside
You forgot about me
As if I didn’t even matter anymore.

But I did my job!


Symptoms Without a Cause

Symptoms Without a Cause

He just stopped talking, that’s all we know.

We know he understands what we say,
and we think he CAN talk.

He just doesn’t talk.

He interacts with us in meaningful ways,
so we know he processes language
and understands cause/effect relationships.

He just doesn’t talk.

And he used to talk – he used to be quite the talker!
He was charming, and funny, and smart.

He had things to say and a way of saying them
that made people want to listen,
but then one day he just woke up, shook his head, and now

he just doesn’t talk.

Oh, he will communicate through gestures,
and he will write down notes he wants to remember,
and we know he knows who we are and he loves us
and he knows he want him to talk, but

he just doesn’t talk.

It’s as if he thinks he has nothing more to say,
or as if he doesn’t think anyone listens to him anyway.

Do you have a diagnosis?