Open the Door

Open the door and let me in.
It’s dark out here but light within.
It’s cold out here but warm inside.
My key won’t work; I tried and tried.

Open the door, I’m here you see.
Not a boogeyman, monster, just li’l old me.
I’d never hurt you, you know I won’t.
Whatever you think I do, I don’t.

You shut the door with me out here
and locked the lock, I heard it clear.
I don’t know what you think I’ve done.
I never meant to hurt anyone.

So give me another chance, oh please!
I’m begging you, right here on my knees!
I promise not to do it again!
Please open the door and let me in.



[No hidden meaning, no real life scenario unfolding before your eyes in poetry. I just liked the title and the fact that it can be used literally as well as metaphorically. It’s hardly an original idea, but you never know what it may work itself into upon rewrite. I started with the idea it was someone trying to get into someone else’s heart, then I decided it was a child who had become a vampire trying to get into his parents’ house, and ended up thinking is was narrated by a dog that had pottied on the floor.]


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