You Win!

Congratulations! We win! Huzzah! Hooray!
Isn’t it a magnificent, wonderful, fun-filled day?
We worked so hard, coming together as a team,
to protest and overcome the dictator’s evil regime!

That sad old man, who thought he had any power
knows now that he’d be better to whimper, cry, and cower!
He can talk and yell until he’s blue in the face –
It don’t even matter! We put him firmly in his place.

Remember when he told us what to do, and we refused to listen?
Remember how he’d lie and tell us what he thought we were missing?
Remember how he’d try to show us the right way, and we ignored him?
Remember how he’d act all excited, and we just voiced our boredom?

But today is the day! Huzzah! Ho0ray! He’s thrown in the towel!
He finally realized that we found his “leadership” to be foul!
So he’s abdicated his throne, he’s given up the ghost!
He’s no longer going to make the effort, he’s only going to coast.

He’ll still be here in the classroom, his presence won’t be missed,
be he isn’t going to make us work ’cause he know that we’ll resist.
He’s only going to suggest the tasks, and give some people zeroes.
We win! We win! We beat the teacher! We all are super-heroes!



[NOTE: Classes have been rough the past few days, can you tell?]


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