Just Create

The hard part is starting
Convincing yourself to write down a word
A thought, something to share
That in some small way defines who you are.

Once you’ve done that – committed to a notion –
The middle part is pretty easy.
Ideas will come, you’ll become more aware
Of the world around you and how you fit in.

Or don’t.

And then it’s just a matter of finding time each day
To sit in front of your computer, away from all distractions,
And capture that creative spark that refuses to take what you’ve been given,
That demands to change and mold the cosmos into what it should be.

Do this: Just create. Something. Every day. Something.
A poem. A picture. A song. A story. An essay. A sculpture. Something.
It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be meaningful.  It only has to be.
And you’ll see – the hard part is stopping.




Another January 1, another New Year’s Resolution. This time, though, the dedication is a little more general: Every day I will commit to doing something creative. Maybe a poem, maybe a story, maybe a picture, maybe a letter — anything, so long as its something creative.


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