Poem A Day: Can You Figure It Out?

Just to piss some people off, I am going

To insert random

line breaks in this poem and tell

You that there


No reason to explain why

They appear as they

Do. But the truth is that there is

A very good reason and that you are just

Not smart

Enough to figure it out for your-

Self. Go ahead, genius! (I always pronounce

It ge-nee-us with a hard g just to

Make people wonder)

(Oh hey, wow, was

That a clue? I’ll never tell, no I never will.) Can you figure it out? What if I include a super long line that has to use the text-wrap to fit it on

The page? Is

That a clue?

What if I brea

K a word where it makes no sense to b

Reak it?

Have you figured it out, oh genius poetry analy


Hey, don’t hurt your brain. Like I said, there is no

Reason why

These line breaks appear.


There i


or there’s not. Do you

Care? Does it




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