Poem A Day: Your Teacher Hates You

Your Teacher Hates You

No, I will not take your assignments if they are turned in late –

I want it when I want it, I do not want to wait.


I am not interested in your effort, in how hard you claimed to try –

What matters is the product, not more excuses why.


If your handwriting is illegible, I will not strive to read it –

You know my expectation, and it’s your job to exceed it.


You’ll never get through life this way, waiting for a break –

Thinking the world will care about you is a calamitous mistake.


Yes I’m grumpy and sarcastic, and all too often crass –

But I offer praise to those who show they really want to pass.


You think that I’m your enemy, that I must want you to fail –

But I push you hard because I care; your teacher is your pal.


(Did you read this poem? Did you understand what I tried to convey?

Then prove it, chump – Discuss the message in a 300-word essay.)


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