poem: the secret inside



no one knows

is not really

a secret but more

an untold trutH that scarEs

you and that you feaR might scarE

your friends away If they knew it.

So you bury it deep iNside and

die a little each day, suffOcating

beneath the half-truthS and thE untruths,

trying to convinCe youRsElf thaT

it’s fine to tHink what you thInk

to Do what you do anD

to bE who you’re Not.

tHe rEal secRet

is how fast

your soul



One thought on “poem: the secret inside

  1. I like this one; it works on three levels (four if you count the title as a hint for #3):

    1. The poem itself, the words – I thought this was fairly profound, at least poem-worthy
    2. The technique – 1 syllable in the first line, 2 in the second, and so on until ten; after that 9 and then 8 and so on back to 1
    3. The random capitals hide a secret message, which is … (you can figure it out for yourself)
    4. The title suggests a secret inside, and the poem itself (a) is about secrets kept inside, and (b) has a secret inside (see #3)

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