I know it is been a few weeks since I’ve posted, sorry. Life has gotten really busy since we became foster parents.

In fact, I think I have pretty much abandoned the possibility of participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I’m not abandoning the story – I think it’s pretty good – but I’m not going to try to write 2000 words a day every day November.

I did pre-write about 3000 words, just to whet the whistle a few days before November 1. I could not find my Alpha Smart, so I looked on eBay, wondering how much they would be, and was pleasantly surprised to be able to buy one for under $40. Five or six years ago, I spent $250 on one. I really like the Apple Smart for NaNoWriMo, though. It is simply a word processor. It does not connect to the Internet; it does not do anything other than word processing. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around, very convenient to keep in my backpack, so I was happy to get one so cheaply. I’m still going to keep carrying it around with me, just in case I find time here there to write some words, but – yeah – no NaNoWrioMo for me this year.


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