My First Screenplay

I I did it! I did it! My first screenplay, completed!

Well, the first draft anyhow.

That was the only goal I really set myself for the summer: to finish my screenplay for Suicidal Tendencies. I started off pretty strong this summer, but after the first couple weeks I fell away from it and then once college started I didn’t even return to it until earlier this week. Once I sat back down to it, though, I wanted to finish. I don’t know what it is that held me back from finishing this project for so long, but it’s done. DONE!

The end it didn’t turn out exactly the way I thought it would. I thought it would end on a tragic note, but it actually ended pretty sweet. That surprised me. And once the last line was written, I knew it was done.

In one way or another, I have been working on this story for 17 years. I have little rough drafts and ideas all over the place, quickly written outlines of ideas. I started, and stopped, and started, and stopped. When I took a class in screenwriting at USF back in 2007, I decided to get serious about this script, and this was my major project for that class. We had to write 60 pages, and I wrote 61. I also decided that I didn’t like the way it was going and decided to restart from the beginning (so I actually wrote 71 for the class). When I resubmitted those first 10 pages to the instructor, he praised me greatly and suggested I might want to consider moving to LA so I could take my career seriously. Of course, I’m too big of a chicken for that, so here I have sat for the past seven or eight years now, teaching and thinking and halfass writing the script.

But it’s done!

Now the end is kind of clunky. I don’t actually like the way the action of the climax scene plays out, so I’m going to have to reconsider that as I go to the next draft. But I made such significant changes to the beginning of the script that I’m sure the second draft is going to end up quite different anyhow. So I’m not going to eat myself up over this; I’m just going to celebrate my victory.

I did it!

No, you can’t read it. I don’t want you to influence my thoughts as I get into the next draft. Or the next one, for that matter. But now that the play is written, it should not take that long to rewrite it. And perhaps even less time for the third draft. I think that after the third draft, I will be ready to share with people and get some feedback, so let me know if you’re interested.

For now, though, how about a big HURRAH for me for finishing?


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