Tingue Twusters

I love tongue twisters, and I have always called them “tingue twusters” because I am hilarious like that. I did a websearch and found no hits for those words, which means that I CAN USE IT FOR A BOOK TITLE.

Here’s what I envision: An illustrated children’s book filled with classic and original tongue twisters, all illustrated in full color (maybe with pictures created by youngsters – maybe I’ll have a contest!). And not only that! What would you think if I added a CD of those tongue twisters being read aloud by teen celebrities? (And if that proves to be too much of a challenge, maybe just kid readers) But wait – there’s more! What if I can include a voice recorder chip that would allow children reading the book to record their own attempts to recite the tongue twisters?  You know you’d buy that book for your kids and grandkids, for Christmas presents, for teachers’ classrooms.

So now it is time to write some originals and to see what is available in public domain, to query a publisher, to find an illustrator, etc. So excited!